Journey to Lumeria
Emrys Pendragon2020-05-05 12:18:10
Hello Svargans!

Some of you may have noticed the new link in the navs that says "Journey to Lumeria". Well, Age of Mages is now the sister site to Reign of Darkness!!!

We encourage you to join their site and enjoy the splendors of Lumeria at your leisure. Whether you make the same character or create a new one, we have linked these worlds for RP purposes as well as promoting a unified community.

You may have your characters stats transferred over from one site to the other so long as they are the same character and player. You will need to petition in on said character on both sites in order to initiate the transfer.

We can't wait to see all the familiar faces in both realms and look forward to this new union and what it will bring for our futures!

-Emrys Pendragon & the AoM Staff

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