Module NameVersionModule AuthorDownload Location
*RPGLink* :
AJAX Accessibility Settings 1.0 HunterD Contact Admin for Release
Avatars 1.0 JollyGG Contact Admin for Release
GDPR Popup 1.0 HunterD Not publically released.
Administrative :
Admin Functions from Bio 0.21 Chris Vorndran Download
Admin Rewards 4.0 HunterD and ZandyrKaos, small modifications by Eclypse with additional edits by Akasha Not publically released.
Admin Spy 0.01b Stephen Kise Contact Admin for Release
Admin Stats Display 1.2 Jxyt, with help of Stephen, additions by HunterD Not publically released.
Alternate Character Listing 1.0 Chris Vorndran Download
Alternative Creatures Editor 0.0.4 MarcTheSlayer and Dragonprime Development Team Download
Ban Editor 1.0 Chris Vorndran Download
Banner Exchange MarcTheSlayer, ideas from JT Traub, Rolland, modified by Aeolus Download
Character Restorer 1.6 Eric Stevens, modified by MarcTheSlayer Download
Check Superuser Flags 1.01 Chris Vorndran Download
Code String Search 0.0.6 MarcTheSlayer, based on Lonny Luberts codesearch module. Download
Delete All Comments 0.0.3 Derek0, modified by MarcTheSlayer Download
Developers No Timeout Window 0.0.3+Aeol MarcTheSlayer for JollyGG, modified by Aeolus Download
Donation Bar 1.82 Billie Kennedy, Danilo Stern-Sapad, Nicholas Moline, Excalibur Download
Dwellings Moderate 0.0.2 MarcTheSlayer Download
Faq Addon 1.41 Billie Kennedy Download
First YOM 20070112 Sixf00t4 Download
Fixnavs in petitions 1.0 Oliver Brendel Download
Forgotten Password Recovery by Mail Input 1.3 SexyCook Download
Grotto Warriors Online 0.5 MarcTheSlayer, edits by HunterD Download
Home Page Editor 1.0 Shane Not publically released.
Kick Player 1.0 Chris Vorndran Download
Mail Keeper 2.1 Brendan for Sara, rework by Maverick, additional functionality by HunterD Not publically released.
Mail Mute System 1.3 Qwyxzl, small edits by HunterD Not publically released.
Mod Hack 1.0 Chris Vorndran
Idea: Robert
Mute Moderation 1.1 Sneakabout, edited by Jxyt Core Distribution
Newday Button - Incentive 1.5h Inach, Server-Wide by HunterD Not publically released.
Petition Display 1.0 Stephen Kise Contact Admin for Release
Player Forum 1 RaynDarren, modified from Player Forum by Lonny Luberts
Modified by Danilo Stern-Sapad
, rewritten by MarcTheSlayer
Additions by Aeolus
Not publically released.
Player's Real Life Age 3.5 Stephen Kise, additions by HunterD Contact Admin for Release
PQ LotGD Utils 1.47 Lonny Luberts,
SU Priv and Dev Test by Kevin Hatfield - Arune,
Letter Opener by Sixf00t4
Race Editor 2005.10.27 Twisted. Download
Search Modules 1.0 Aeolus, using code from modules.php Not publically released.
Staff List 1.2 Red Yates, little addition by Haku Core Distribution
Staff List Editor 1.0 Aeolus Not publically released.
Staff Symbols 0.1b Stephen Kise, edited by Sara Not publically released.
Superuser Forum 3.0.1 Lonny Luberts
Modified by Danilo Stern-Sapad
, rewritten by MarcTheSlayer
Superuser Status 1.1 JollyGG Not publically released.
Superuser: Create a Character from the Grotto 1.0 Catscradler Download
Toggle Superuser Flags 1.1 KaosKaizer Not publically released.
Administrator :
Staff Log 1.1 Brendan, Idea by Robert Download
Biography :
Bio Views 1.0 Aeolus Download
Commentary :
AJAX Commentary 1.21h Nicholas Moline, Petko Bossakov, add'l features by HunterD Download
Chat Top Nav Links 1.1 Programmer16 and JollyGG, with a bug help from Edward de Wilde, Boris, and Afkamm Not publically released.
Commentary Editor 1.2 KaosKaizer, modified by Aeolus Not publically released.
Ignore Chat Users 1.1 Aeolus, idea from
hook moved by HunterD
Not publically released.
Darkhorse Game :
Dice Game for DarkHorse 1.1 Eric Stevens Core Distribution
Five Sixes Dice Game 1.7 Talisman Core Distribution
Stones Game for DarkHorse 1.1 Eric Stevens Core Distribution
Dragonkill :
Keep Favor 1.1 Jigain To'lerean Download
Keep Money 1.0 Christian Rutsch Not publically released.
Dwellings :
Additional Keys 1.1 Sixf00t4 modified by Duena Download
Dwelling Delete Commentary 1.1 Aeolus, using code from MarcTheSlayer's Dwellings Moderate Download
Dwelling Editor 20060109 Sixf00t4 Download
Dwelling Open House Policy 0.0.4b MarcTheSlayer, idea from Contessa Download
Dwellings Core 20071026 Sixf00t4, Christian Rutsch, Chris Vorndran, Talisman, Oliver Brendel Download
Dwellings Cost Site Points 20051218 Sixf00t4 Download
Mansion Dwellings 20060210 Sixf00t4 Download
Shacks as dwellings 20060120 Sixf00t4 Download
Forest :
Auto Level Up 1.0.1 Thanatos, modified by MarcTheSlayer Download
Banking Eagle 1.2 CortalUX - Based on Instabank by Arune, edits by Sonac Download
Forst Modification inspired by XChrisX for 1.1.1 DP Version 1.0 Oliver Brendel Download
Gnomish Outhouse 2.0 John Collins Core Distribution
Forest Specials :
Darkhorse 1.1 Eric Stevens Core Distribution
Find Gems 1.1 Eric Stevens Core Distribution
Find Gold 1.1 Eric Stevens Core Distribution
Foilwench 1.1 Eric Stevens Core Distribution
Forest Fairy 1.1 Eric Stevens Core Distribution
Glowing Stream 1.1 Eric Stevens Core Distribution
Gold Mine 1.0 Ville Valtokari Core Distribution
General :
Additional Bioinfos 1.0 Oliver Brendel edited by AnnaRose Download
Admin Chat Commands 0.1 Stephen Kise, edited by Sara and Aeolus Not publically released.
Alignment for HoF 1.1 danbi Download
Alternate Currencies 3.0 Lonny Luberts code revision by Dragon89 Download
City Preferences Addon 20070417 Sixf00t4 Download
Color Test Box 1.0 MarcTheSlayer, modified by Aeolus Not publically released.
Default Commentary Color Selection 2.0 Joshua Ecklund, modified by White Knight Download
DragonKills & Reg Users 1.0 Dragon89 Not publically released.
External Links 1.2 JT Traub, expansion by HunterD Core Distribution
Gem Vault 1.41 Aes
Bugfixes by: Lonny Luberts
Rewritten by: Chris Vorndran
Multi-Poke 1.5 Aeolus Download
Notepad 1.0 Boris735 Not publically released.
NPC Chat 0.31 Danny Moules (Rushyo) Download
Online Character List 1.3.2 Christian Rutsch modded by Seekey, rewritten by MarcTheSlayer Download
PvP Block 1.2 CortalUX, Biostat by RPGSL Core Distribution
Random Quotes 1.8.1 CortalUX Edited by Kickme Download
Registration Date 1.0 Sixf00t4, and CortalUX. Download
Who's Here 2.0c Lonny Luberts, updated by sixf00t4, modified by MarcTheSlayer. Download
YoM Autorefresh 1.2 Nicolas Haerter, DP patches applied for 'chatyompetlinks', accessibility fix by HunterD Not publically released.
Graveyard :
Tunnel 20070509 Sixf00t4 - enhanced by enderwiggin and eth Download
Inn :
Cedrik's Potion Shop 2.6 Eric Stevens
Modifications by: Chris Vorndran
Core Distribution
Exotic Drinks 1.1 John J. Collins
Heavily modified by JT Traub
Core Distribution :
Admin Bio Stats 1.7 JollyGG, with help from Programmer16 Download
Library :
The Library 2.75 Chris Vorndran
Original Idea:
Lodge :
Delete Commentary 1.2 Seekey based on an idea by Feyaria Not publically released.
Dragon points reset 1.1 ShadowRaven, modified by `~Dave`0 Not publically released.
Lodge - Account Never Expires 1.0.2 MarcTheSlayer Download
Lodge Incentives 0.0.2 MarcTheSlayer, idea from Rolland's Incentives module. Download
Name Color Change 1.2 Billie Kennedy Download
Points Transfer 1.1 Red Yates Core Distribution
Rebirthing Costs Donation Points 1.1 Derek0 and Chris Vorndran, edits by Raven and HunterD Not publically released.
Title Change 1.1 JT Traub Core Distribution
Mail :
Friend List 2.3 CortalUX modified by Oliver Brendel Download
Mail Options 1.0 Christian Rutsch Download
Mass Mail 1.2 Kalazaar, slight edit by HunterD Download
Outbox 1.01 Oliver Brendel who used mainly mail.php Download
YoM to SMS 1.1 Arthur, Stephen Kise Download
Marriage :
Chocolates for Marriage 1.0 CortalUX
overhauled by Oliver Brendel
Marriage Expanded 5.21 CortalUX, Oliver Brendel, expanded by DaveS Download
Marriage Flirt Items 5.0 CortalUX, overhaul: Oliver Brendel, Expanded by DaveS Download
Pets :
Pet Shop 4.0.1 Eth, modified by MarcTheSlayer Download
PQcomp :
Module Builder 0.57 Lonny Luberts Download
Top Donators 1.02 Lonny Luberts Download
PVP Immunity 1.0 JT Traub Core Distribution
PvP NoCheat 1.3 Daniel Kalchev Download
Races :
Race - Human 1.0 Eric Stevens Core Distribution
Rule Modules :
Site Rules 1.4 Christopher King Download
Shades :
Restore Soul from Graveyard 1.1 SexyCook Not publically released.
Specialties :
Specialty - Charms 1.0 JollyGG Not publically released.
Specialty - Daemonic Powers 1.21 Chris Vorndran Download
Specialty - Dark Arts 1.1 Eric Stevens Core Distribution
Specialty - Mystical Powers 1.0 Eric Stevens Core Distribution
Specialty - Psychic Powers 1.0 Selenity Hyperion, idea by DaveS Not publically released.
Specialty - Seductive Skills 20050217 Lonny Luberts
based on work by Sixf00t4
Specialty - Thieving Skills 1.0 Eric Stevens Core Distribution
Stat Display :
Alignment Core 1.82 Chris Vorndran
Original Script by: WebPixie
Experience Bar 1.0 JT Traub
based on idea by Dan Van Dyke
Modified by Talisman
Health Bar 1.0 JT Traub Core Distribution
Live New Day Timer 1.4 Programmer16, with creative influence from Nicholas Moline, based off of New Day Bar by Joshua Ecklund Download
National Flags 1.0 Chris Vorndran
Idea: Robert
Stat Display Control Panel 1.50 Chris Vorndran (Sichae), expanded by HunterD Not publically released.
Stephen :
Biography Music 2.5 Stephen Contact Admin for Release
Village :
Beggars Lane 1.0 Oliver Brendel Download
City Images 20051129 Sixf00t4 Download
Costume Shop 1.4 Booger Core Distribution
Recent Players List 1.2 Joshua Ecklund Download
Skin: Edits by Aurelia, based on Black & Jade by © Matthew Crouse Josh Canning
Creative Commons License This work is licensed under a Creative Commons License.
Game Design and Code: Copyright © 2002-2005, Eric Stevens & JT Traub, © 2006-2007, Dragonprime Development Team
Version: 1.1.2 Dragonprime Edition
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